What is the Happiest Country in the World and How Can You Rent One of its Inhabitants?

For the second year in the row Finland is elected the happiest country in the world. The UN World Happiness Report lined up 156 countries and it appears that Finns are the happiest. Why are Finns so happy? The UN Report focuses on relationship between happiness and community, showing how doing one’s part in society adds up to living well. Now you can rent a Finn and check for yourself.


It’s called “rent a Finn” the initiative just launched by the Finnish Tourist Board. You are invited to take a trip with one of its inhabitants, discover the country and the best ways to live it.
Finns are offering eight journeys, accompanied by eight different locals called “happiness guides”. Petri a physiotherapist who lives in the small village called Mathildedal in south-west Finland. Niko and Linda who live in Utö, in the heart of the Baltic Sea. Laura and Joni, who are from Sodankylä in northern Lapland. They come from different places, but they all have one thing in common: love for the nature. They are also huge fans of outdoor activities like hiking, biking and skiing.
The happiness guides explain: “Our secret is literally the nature. While people around the world go to therapy, the Finns wear a pair of boots and go for walk in the woods, “.


To “rent” one of these eight very happy Finns, you must provide your motivation in a short video. Present you and/or your traveling companions and emphasize your connection with the nature. Furthermore you need to know how to speak English.

The Tourist Board will examine all applications and select the winner of a three-day trip in the summer of 2019. The Finnish guides will host the winners in their homes or in their summer cottages. You will be able to try fishing, picking berries, taking a sauna, walking in the forest and many more exciting activities.

Good Luck with your application.

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