True Love: 5 Quick Signs

Every time you wait for his message that doesn’t arrive a kitten dies. Stop killing kittens!

I had a friend from high-school. We would hang out, go on trips together have fun. One day he came with a bag of money. He won it on a slot machine. Got addicted to gambling. We stopped being friends. He ended up homeless.

Later I would go on romantic dates. I would fall for the fascinating, self-confident and selfish macho man type of guy. He would call me one day yes and five no. It was much like gambling.

Nice guys asked me out. I labeled them boring.

This is what I learned. Dwelling over a guy who calls every other week increases your chances of ending up homeless.

Here are five signs of a true love:

1. Eye Contact

If he is looking for your eyes and maintains an eye contact he is in love with you.

2. Curious about you

He wants to know your deepest secrets, desires and dreams. When he starts analyzing you, it means he’s falling in love but doesn’t want to admit it yet!

3. Makes you laugh

My personal favorite. When he makes you laugh no matter what mood you are in, it’s a true love.

4. Spends time with you

“Don’t ask a man what is important to him. Watch how he spends his time.”

5. He can’t stay angry for more than a day

“Be with someone who won’t stay mad at you, can’t stand not talking to you and who’s afraid of losing you.”

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