Travis Scott Allegedly Thinks Kylie Jenner Put Him Through Hell

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know by now that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are broken up.

Soon after the news came out, rumors have been flying around that the rapper had been cheating on the lip kit mogul, but now it seems that Kylie wasn’t so innocent as well.

Travis is said to be “ready to fight back” as he “knows that the Kardashians are trash-talking him and spreading rumours about him.”

The rapper allegedly has had enough of everyone thinking his ex is “an angel” and he wants to “sell her out,” according to Heat magazine.

“Travis knows that the Kardashians are trash-talking him and spreading rumors about him,” a source told the publication.

“He’s ready to fight back big time. The way he is feeling at the moment, he’d like nothing more than to sell Kylie out. Everyone thinks he’s the one who’s been playing the field, while Kylie is some sort of angel. But she put him through hell – he says he has inside gossip on her and other family members, too.”

The Astroworld star reportedly “can only take so much” but he is holding his tongue because of his daughter Stormi, who he shares with Kylie, as he doesn’t want to “jeopardize getting to spend time with her.”

It was first reported that 22-year-old Kylie and Travis were taking a break from their relationship at the start of October.

Sources told TMZ that the relationship had cooled since they were last seen together in public, at the premiere of Scott’s documentary, ‘Look Mom, I Can Fly’, in Santa Monica on August 27.

It is believed that the pair had been trying to make the relationship work for a while, but it was decided a few weeks ago that they should go their separate ways.

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