Tori Spelling Goes to Jail


You know how when you have everything going for you in life, you get so used to luxury and perks and never think it will come to an end?

Well it has come to an end for Tori Spelling. The daughter of producer Aaron Spelling, who played Donna Martin, in the successful TV series Beverly Hills 90210.

A warrant for her arrest was issued in United State for a debt of 355 thousand dollars with the City National Bank.

She was struggling financially for some time now and was called to Los Angels court last March but she didn’t show up.

She also hasn’t appointed a lawyer to represent her so the arrest warrant was issued.

The City National Bank reported he for the unpaid debt in 2016. Now, she gets included in the list of the 500 “tax criminals” in the California.

Spelling married for the second time on May 7th, 2006. She married an actor Dean McDermott, in a private ceremony on the Fiji Islands. The couple has five children.

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