Taylor Swift’s New Love Life

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Joe Alwyn twenty-eight year old actor from “La Favorita” has always defended his private life and this applies to his love story with Taylor. They have been together for two years, they keep their relationship out of the spotlight while focusing on their careers. The reason is simple: Joe Alwyn has not “landed” in Hollywood in search of fame and success. “Joe has no interest in becoming a star,” a source told the People Magazine. And staying out of the spotlight has helped their love grow.

“He could be the right one,” another source explained.

This story is very different from Taylor’s previous relationships. With Tom Hiddleston and DJ Calvin Harris, Taylor immediately showed up in public but stories ended rapidly soon after.

There are no official photos of her and Joe, just a few shots stolen through the streets of New York. Joe, however, went to all her concerts during the last year’s Record Tour. Always keeping a low profile. Later he got an important role, in the movie “La Favorita”. Taylor then accompanied him to the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Oscars but skipping the red carpet.

“I don’t understand the curiosity of people about the world in which we live, about people’s private lives, but I know it exists,” he explained recently, “My idea is that my private life should remain private.”

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