Life: 3 Quick Tips

When you are a people pleaser you can’t take a position. You side with anyone and that makes you invisible.

When you went to high school you were invisible. You know that because only a couple of people actually remember going in the same class with you.

You stay invisible during pretty much entire university period and boy how time flies. You are a little less invisible now, but to be honest I am not quite sure of that either.

When you can’t take position you focus outside looking for guidance. You have no idea what you like or dislike.

When you have no vision, you can’t take direction and you trust everyone else but yourself. No one else actually values you.

So here are some things not to learn the hard way:

Nothing Matters

Only few things are important in life and to be honest not even those.

So take a deep breath, smile and think of what finally is it that YOU want to do with your life.

Pursue only that. Nobody knows what you are capable of but you.

You owe it to yourself to figure it out and trust in yourself. Don’t worry about money.

Nobody Cares

Ahhh an oldie but goodie. Don’t wait until you are too old to figure it out.

Listen to me: NOBODY CARES and that is GREAT.

You don’t need anyones approval to be amazing.

Be Bold

Don’t strive to blend in but please do stand out.

Celebrate your unique sides because those are your added value and a winning card in life.

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