Obsession: Competition

There is nothing wrong with some healthy competition.

Being driven to be the best is a good quality, but as soon as it turns out it’s a need, then it becomes a problem.

You, Aries, are obsessed with always being number one. 

You are used to being a leader and you’re pretty good at it, but the reason your need to be the best turns into an unhealthy obsession is that you’ll stop at nothing.


Obsession: Money and luxury

It’s not a secret: Taurus loves nice things.

You are stable and persistent, which is a plus if you want to build a fine career and make a lot of money.

You work hard, but solely for one reason – to make as much money as possible.


Obsession: Finding a soulmate

This doesn’t mean you are exclusively looking for a romantic relationship. Any kind of unquestionably strong bond you make has a meaning. 

You crave meeting new people and creating new bonds.

You want to have meaningful relationships with people who are going to be in your life forever. 


Obsession: Success

Highly sensitive Cancerians are always ready to help as long as their help doesn’t go against their own principles.

You’re an honest person in general, especially when it comes to expressing your feelings.

Success is one of the things you like, and you’re not afraid to say it out loud and make it happen. 

That desire to make it drives you to work hard, so much harder than you ever thought you could.

Success doesn’t have to be closely related to your career. In your case, success is closely related to family life. 


Obsession: Power and attention

Leos think everything they do, they do better than anyone else.

You have this insane need to be the most important person wherever you go.

You need to be the center of the attention and you usually are. 


Obsession: Order and organization

Your life revolves around order and discipline.

Punctuality and discipline are the qualities you cherish above all and if someone disturbs your perfectly organized little world, you’ll turn theatrical. 

The only thing that calms you down and keeps you sane is the ability to keep everything under control.


Obsession: Balance

You are obsessed with life’s balance. You analyze every single thing to the smallest details, so it’s no wonder you’re all about the balance. 

You’re trying to achieve it with nice clothes, fancy jewelry, or exotic getaways.

The problem is you can’t always control that urge, which sometimes can cause trouble, especially when you get carried away with shopping.


Obsession: Trust

You want a relationship that is based on trust and loyalty. You don’t give out your trust easily, but once you do, you trust that person for life.

You know that trust doesn’t happen overnight and you’re mature enough to wait for the relationship to develop into something more serious. 

Your biggest obsession is to prove to the people you care about that you trust them.


Obsession: Travelling

You’re similar to Aries. Like them, you like adventure and exploring the unknown.

You’re not afraid to pack up your things and go to a new adventure any time. 

While others are obsessed with power, honesty or attention, you are obsessed with traveling and you’ll use any chance you get to go somewhere.

Traveling is the perfect tool to get rid of all that extra energy you have stored.   


Obsession: Yourself

Whether you like it or not, there is something a bit egoistic about you.

You really take care of yourself and you make sure you’re happy and satisfied all the time. You want things to be your way or the highway. 

The need to turn things in your favor can easily make you hurt others just to get what you want.

You will chase success and you’ll have no problems running over anyone, except if there is something so precious to you that it will make you back down. 


Obsession: New experiences

No one can understand your need to constantly experience new things in your life.

No one can possibly wrap their minds around the amount of excitement you get when you try something new – the thrill that rushes through your veins.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying everything life has to offer you isn’t always the smartest decision to make.


Obsession: Bad habits

Pisces are hopeless dreamers who live in a perfect little world they created for themselves.

You as a Pisces are not a stable person and you’re definitely not standing with your feet firmly on the ground. 

It’s not strange for Pisces to hook onto things that are bad for them, such as fast food, gambling, or alcohol.

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