6 Effortless Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Work Day

“When everything around me is moving so fast, I stop and ask, “Is it the world that’s busy, or is it my mind?” Haemin Sunim.

When we are mindful, we simply exist. In tune with nature. One with the universe. In state of awareness. At peace. Clam, secure, mindful.

Mindfulness opens a path towards being more receptive, accepting and compassionate.

Here is how you can you incorporate mindfulness into your work day:

1. Transform your commute

Regardless of how much time you have, use it to focus on: seeing, being and doing.

What do you see from a broad perspective, what is surrounding you. Are there any scents, pleasant and unpleasant. What do you hear?

Turn your attention towards inside. What are you feeling? Are you calm? Nervous? Sad? Energized? How your emotions might be conditioning your thoughts and behaviors of that morning.

Are you aware of your actions or you are moving on auto pilot.

2. Greet your colleagues

Focus on relationships, visualize positive interactions and create moments of connection.

Set an intention to put your colleagues and your relationships before tasks and meetings.

Visualize positive interactions before you approach your colleagues. Be consistent with connecting in a meaningful way every time you speak to one of your colleagues.

3. Listen

“Listening with empathy and presence, without an agenda, is a gift to both people” Laurie J. Cameron

4. Say no to multi tasking

Focus on one thing at the time. It will increase the flow and even make you enjoy your task more. Work in time set intervals. Take purposeful breaks, pause and nourish your mind and body with a healthy snack or take a walk outside.

5. Face difficult emotions

See emotions as separate from you and learn to observe them with kind attention. Don’t suppress or label how you fill, observe without judgment. Investigate with kindness your feelings.

6. End your work day with ease

Establish a mindful routine for closing the day with acceptance, letting go, and gratitude.

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