Seven words Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton can’t say

These are the surprising words we all use which are considered ‘common’ in Royal circles.

THE Royals never need to utter the words “mortgage”, “bin night” or “have you paid the gas bill?” – unlike us mere mortals.

But there are also a list of words which Meghan Markle can’t say now she’s a member of the Royal Family, it’s an etiquette thing.

From couch to perfume, these are the surprising offenders we all use…

1. Where’s the toilet?

If you ever find yourself within the hallowed walls of Buckingham Palace, this is not the question you want to ask.

You may think it’s the politest word to use, but the Royals prefer to say ‘loo’ over ‘toilet’ – you can blame its French origins.

2. Couch potato

Never say ‘couch’ in a Royal residence, they only have ‘sofas’ don’t you know? Couch is a wee bit common.

The Sussex and Cambridges’ Kensington Palace apartments may have dozens of rooms but none of them are a lounge, or a living room for that matter.

As Royals, they don’t need a room dedicated to binge watching Netflix documentaries and playing Cards Against Humanity.

Instead, it’s a ‘drawing room’ or ‘sitting room’, depending on how grand your home is.

3. She’s so posh

The first rule of being posh is that you should never use the word to describe anyone else, or yourself for that matter, unless you’re being ironic.

Kate Middleton would say ‘smart’ instead.

4. Pardon?

Thought it was more polite to say ‘pardon’, did you?

We’re afraid you should be sticking to ‘sorry’ or even ‘sorry, what?’ in Royal circles.

Social anthropologist Kate Fox told Business Insider the word pardon is a “pet hate” of the upper classes.

5. Makes scents

Don’t even think about asking the Queen what her lovely ‘perfume’ is.

The very word will make her cringe, leaving your compliment going down like a lead balloon.

Royals say ‘scent’ instead.

6. Time for tea?

This one already divides Northerners and Southerners, but you’d never catch a Royal referring to their evening meal as ‘tea’.

Afternoon tea is something else entirely – a selection of scones, triangle-shaped sandwiches and sweet treats served with a cuppa at 4pm.

But don’t say ‘dinner’ either, that word is reserved for large formal occasions with visiting heads of state or other monarchs.

The Royals eat breakfast, lunch and ‘supper’. Got it?

7. Just desserts

While we’re on the topic of food, the Royals don’t eat ‘dessert’ either.

Kate told Business Insider that ‘sweet’ and ‘afters’ are also banned – so what exactly should you say?

‘Pudding’ is the only correct way to refer to your apple crumble among the upper classes, while some really posh people shorten it to ‘pud’ for effect.

Source: The Sun

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