My Life With a Cat and a Dog

I got a cat six years ago. Four years later I got a dog. To be honest I didn’t get them, they got me. They tricked me into taking care of them.

A colleague of mine moved to a different country to look for a job. He didn’t know anyone so I gave him an address of a friend to stay with for a couple of days. He stayed for months.

I would think about my friend looking at the new roommate. Wondering “when is he going to leave” and later reproving himself for thinking it.

It was the same for me. The cat and dog decided to have me as their savior.

They used similar tactics. The cat came first. Dog had to wait until the tactic would work again.

It was something along the lines: “look how alone and hungry I am.”

Well it worked. Twice….

I never said I was smart.

It has been a while now and I can’t imagine the life without them.

So tomorrow it might happen to you. As you go about your business. A cat or a dog will trick into giving them shelter. Here is how they can improve your life.


  1. You will learn about elegance
  2. Have a privilege to serve a royalty
  3. A pair of eyes observing in silence from top of your closets
  4. Experience mindfulness
  5. Waves of good energy in each purr
  6. Love when you least expect it
  7. Hate when you least expect it
  8. Yes the cat misses you
  9. Yes the cat will come when you call it
  10. The cat will defend you and when that happens your heart will skip a beat


  1. You will learn about clumsiness
  2. You will feel like a royalty
  3. Experience the joys and sorrows of three walks a day
  4. Find out what a word clingy actually means
  5. Yes they are always happy
  6. You will be happy
  7. They are smart and sensitive
  8. The food will always be missing
  9. Toys won’t last long, yes your slipper is a toy
  10. The will defend you and when that happens.. well you know 🙂

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