Money Saving Expert reveals how to save money on coffee EVERY time

LOOKING to save some cash next time you’re in Starbucks or Costa? Money Saving Expert reveals how you can get cheaper coffee every time.

Many Brits pick up a morning coffee on their way to work.

This habit can wreak havoc on your bank balance as the cost of daily lattes and cappuccinos really does add up.

Thankfully, you don’t need to cut out your shop-bought  brew in order to save cash.

There’s a simple way to get money off your order every time.

Carrying your own coffee cup around with you could save you a fortune.

Presenting your portable mug at the check-out can secure you discounts from a wide variety of cafes.

Money Saving Expert revealed that Starbucks, Pret and Costa are among the outlets to run the scheme.

You can buy reusable cups anywhere, but it may be a savvy choice to pick yours up at Starbucks.

The coffee chain is selling the drinks holders for a quid.

As well as saving you some dosh, bringing your own mug is also much better for the environment.

How much money can you save by bringing your own cup?

– Pret A Manger – 50p off

– Starbucks – 30p off

– Costa – 25p off

– Paul – 50p off

– Leon – 45p off

– M&S – 25p off

– Gregg’s – 20p off

– Pure – 50p off

– Ground espresso bars – 50p off


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