Love the little things in life

My first post I want to dedicate to little things which make our lives.  Looking the wide picture, these little things are not so small, they are big when we make them aware. It’s just the problem with the type called “people” which all take everything for granted and everything is implied.

I think that everyone of us can find million of those little things. The mere fact that we woke up healthy is enough to give us a huge sense of happiness, but it’s implied for us. While some of us healthy survive, there are people who are fighting for life and devise plans for living the life if they get a chance. We never know when our last beat will be. Awake only 10 things from your life which are implied to you (health, friends, work, car, house / flat, food, peace of mind, good relationships with close people …). Imagine now, that you don’t have one single thing of that. How would you feel?

“Perfection is not a small thing but it is made up of small things”- Michelangelo

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