Khloe Kardashian Says She’s Proud Of The Co-Parenting Place She’s In With Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have gone a long way after the NBA player cheated on the mother of his daughter for the second time.

On Friday, Kardashian, 35, showed off a pink balloon arrangement Thompson, 28, had sent her as a gift following the launch of her new pink diamond KKW Fragrance. The balloons spelled out the name of her new scent.

Kardashian shared a video of the gesture, which was displayed across a large window in her living room.

“Today was the launch of my pink diamond collection with KKW Fragrance and I got these balloons sent to me from baby True and Tristan and I really appreciate the love and the thoughtfulness,” Kardashian said in the clip.

Kardashian then went on to note how proud she is of her and Thompson’s ability to come together for the sake of their 1-year-old baby girl.

“I’m really proud at the co-parenting place that we are in,” Kardashian added.

Thompson’s sweet gesture comes just two days after he left a flirty Instagram comment on a promotional photo Kardashian shared for her new fragrance.

In the shot captioned, “My pink diamond KKW Fragrance launches THIS Friday. November 8,” Kardashian can be seen rocking big brunette curls as she holds the perfume bottle close to her chest.

Thompson appeared to be in awe of his former love as he commented, “❤️👑❤️”

Last month, Kardashian opened up about her feelings regarding Thompson following their breakup.

She explained during an episode of Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose, that dating has not been a priority of hers since she split from Thompson.

“I haven’t jumped into dating, I don’t care to date right now. I’m not in a rush for it, I feel so good in my life, and I don’t really need much else,” said Kardashian.

Instead, she said that she’s focusing on “making sure I process everything.”

However, that doesn’t mean she’s holding any grudges. Kardashian also shared that she “forgives” Thompson.

“I don’t think he’s a bad person; I think we all make mistakes, we are humans,” she said. “But it’s only going to hurt me if I’m holding onto this anger and playing this victim role. I don’t believe in being a victim.”

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