Kate Hudson’s Happy x Nature Collection is So Cute

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Kate Hudson, daughter of the iconic Goldie Hawn and new mother of little Rani Rose, is reinventing herself creatively as a fashion designer a few months after giving birth. This 39-year-old star unveiled on her Instagram account the arrival of a new fashion line in ethical and bohemian spirit: Happy x Nature. A brand that best reflects the mischievous charm of Kate Hudson, as well as the warm and intoxicating atmosphere of Californian summers.

The American star wanted to give a taste of what will soon come to the market to her followers and she published a preview video wearing the clothes from her new brand. “Strive to make you and nature happy. I hope you like it! “She wrote.

Among the looks worn by Kate Hudson in the short clip: canary yellow chemisier with chiffon details, a light white dress paired with a wide-brimmed hat and a sand color jumpsuit, one of the coolest spring /summer trends.

Kate Hudson’s other fashion company, Fabletics, offers sports bras, leggings and other sportswear items at affordable prices, following a business model based on customer subscription through “VIP member credits”.

The actress has not yet announced if Happy x Nature will use the same model, but what is certain is that Hudson fashionistas /fans can expect garments in line with solid ethical principles and a blaze of denim, skirts and flowing dresses with bold prints.

Just in time for the Coachella Festival.

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