How to Take Insta-Worthy Selfies?

Be Queen of Instagram With These Tips

All of us love Instagram and therefore, here we are, sharing 5 most important things that you should know to improve your selfie-game.

Light is all you need

Get as much natural light as possible. Artificial light is fine but nothing beats the glory of the sun. Plus, natural light makes the dark circles and puffiness invisible in the photographs.

Avoid shadows

If possible, avoid clicking selfies when the sun is directly over your head. This will make your eyes look puffed since the shadow of the eye will fall directly on your cheeks. Selfies taken during the sunrise or sunset are the best.

You don’t need flash every time

When things get dark, it’s natural to turn on the flash. However, flash can induce grain which is definitely anything but insta-friendly. Thus, always look for other sources of light nearby before switching the flash on.

Pay attention to the angles

Take a lot of selfies at different angles. Move your body, move the phone, do a little posture changes and so on. The idea is to find the angle that captures the best features of your body.

Use the right filters

Filters have the ability to take your pictures to the next level. After you have found the right light, angle and pose, it’s time to try on different filters. Try different combinations of brightness, contrast, warmth and structure. Use tilt-shift to add the depth. With practice and time, you will find your style.

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