Crazy girlfriend stories told by the crazy girlfriend

The “crazy girlfriend” cliche is occasionally a very real thing (if it’s a constant in your life, you might want to take a step back, just throwing that out there). We’ve all had one, had a friend who had one, but it’s rare to really hear from the crazy girlfriend directly about their craziness. Of course, Reddit has a way of compelling them to chime in and tell their own crazy tales. And to be fair, some of these are crazy in a bad way, but some of them manage to be crazy in a good way.But most of them are real fucking bad.

My ex didn’t come home one too many times so I just snapped and ripped up and put photos and sprinkled the photo bits all over the bed and tore apart a little I love you teddy he gave me and left it on the bed to come home to. I felt like a crazy bitch the next day. And I’ve never actually admitted that to anyone. Emmaline1986

After I caught my boyfriend cheating (in the apartment we lived in together), I cut the crotch out of 2 pair of his favorite pants. When he put them on and saw what I had done, I told him I was trying to make life easier since he couldn’t seem to keep it in his pants anyway. I was 20 at the time.Edit: Wow, thanks for the gold and the support! A little embarrassing that my most upvoted comment is for acting crazy, but I’ll take it! illbringcookies

Paid money to access my boyfriend’s court records because my mom had somehow convinced me he was lying about a certain court case that involved his ex. It turns out he was actually telling the truth. I was only skeptical because he has been known to embellish stories to make them more entertaining. This was while we were broken up for about two weeks, and I feel guilty about it all the time for even doubting him. sidnutz

My ex had a sore on his leg and I had some cream I wanted him to use that would heal it. But the cream was a weird colour and he didn’t want to put it on. I insisted that he should because it would literally heal it overnight, but he continuously refused and got annoyed. I finally snapped and started literally screaming at him to put the fucking cream on and broke down in tears running to my room like a 3 year old. We broke up not long after for other unrelated issues… but yeah. Not my proudest moment. lilymegeve

Went through his phone and caught him cheating as a result. Not as crazy as some of the others on here, but it felt crazy to me because I am 100% NOT the type of person that does this.The funny thing is, he started cheating when I moved away for college. I suspected nothing, but his DAD was a fucking bro and pulled me aside one weekend when I came to visit and told me he suspected he was cheating. Looked in the phone for proof and it turns out I had gone from girlfriend to the “other woman” to 3 different girls in the span of about 3 weeks.  It was our 6 year anniversary when I found out and dumped him. assholewithbigtits

I made us on the sims and made us have a bunch of kids. Literally_a_Gorilla

I got broken up with.Four months later was out drinking nearby. Phone him up and basically TELL him, “I’m on my way.” He put up a small fight but in the end..begrudgingly agreed. So I stop at home, (was not driving.) put on my new floral dress and wedges. Really. I looked nice.I then have a friend drop me off there. Oh, and I also had a huge bottle of vodka in my purse. Despite being very inebriated already, I continued taking straight shots from it.I wake up alone in his bed and walk downstairs. The amount of hate in his eyes startled me. He began to explain how I had tried to piss in his closet, & when confronted..I cried and declared. “You don’t know what it’s like to be a pretty woman.” I left very swiftly after being told that.I don’t remember most of the night, & never got the full story as he had virtually blocked me in every ways imaginable.I’m sorry, Matt.Lp0ljq

Found out my husband was cheating went to his girlfriend’s house with 2 trash bags of his shredded clothes, smashed cologne bottles in side, and a copy of our marriage certificate and dropped it at her door step with a note saying “hes your problem now enjoy” with a “p.s. the return policy is expired youre stuck with him”SaCjAmWN

He called me close to tears because three managers of a grocery store he was servicing (he was a merchandiser for a soda company) legitimately cornered him right next to the self checkout lanes, practically ganged up on him, and belittled his work for that day followed by laughing at him. All of these managers are full grown adult men while my boyfriend at the time was only 22.So. I called that store’s customer service. Gave them a false name. Told them that I was a regular at that location and just so happened to be checking myself out at the self checkout lane when I witness the entire situation go down. I even threw out the name of one of the managers. The customer service rep. apologized profusely and swore something would be done.Boyfriend had zero issues with them after that day. About a month later, the exact manager I named specifically ended up being fired. Not entirely sure I had anything to do with it.I never told my boyfriend that I did that either lol. MyMoldyAsshole

I was hormonal and PMSing and so m BF brought me take out from my favourite sub shop. I cried when I opened it because it was my favourite sub, but I didn’t want my favourite – I wanted my second favourite sub.quilles

Turned on the read receipts on his phone when he asked me to fix something else in his settings. AtlantisLuna

I burned his stuff and posted the picture of the fire on Facebook, then tagged him right in the center of the fire. VinegarPrincess

Ohh man… So I can’t say this is precisely a “crazy girlfriend” thing because we were just best friends and lovers for years (2-3 at the time this story occurs) but I wanted to be.I started by Internet-stalking him. His MySpace, Facebook (his pictures, his friends, his Notes), livejournal, deviantArt, he had a blog. I was convinced I was his dream girl and was determined to prove it. I was still casually dating though and had an OKCupid profile; he showed up on my list at a 95% match, my highest ever. I paid for A-List to be an invisible visitor and scoured his profile and its hundreds of answered questions. Read every book and watched every movie he mentioned (I actually ended up sincerely liking all of them, so silver lining). Casually started dropping them in conversation, among others so as not to tip him off.I befriended his partners and exes for inside information — another accidental sincerity as I’m still in contact with many of them, a decade later. I exclusively smoked his favorite brand of cigarettes and casually quoted his short stories, which I was fan-level familiar with. We got matching tattoos for my birthday one year and he has no idea I knew the tattoo he wanted a year before and started discussing my interests in a “totally unrelated” tattoo through that year. The matching tattoos were “his” idea by the time my birthday rolled around.Short version: It worked, but we aren’t together. I do my damndest to never be that type of person but the urge is still there, my fiancé and I had to work through it and ensure I hadn’t done that to him. This was ten years ago, and I still get the creeps at the thought of a guy doing that to (for?) me.

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