Feeling A Little Depressed or Moody? 3 Ways To Trick Your Brain & Feel Better

Go from happy to sad

We all have those moments where everything, and absolutely everything, seems to go wrong.

The neighbor’s dog barking too loud, or worse, at an annoying pitch;

Your significant other deciding to chew their meals like a kindergartener, little pieces flying around the sofa.

Something completely random…

Getting over the blues often seems like a long, tenuous problem. “It will pass eventually,” you tell yourself, ready to endure days or even weeks feeling gloomy. While there is no magical way to turn your mood 180°, these simple tricks convince your brain into reconsidering all that negativity.

The Physical Act of Smiling (… even fake smiles)

Smiling not only makes you look considerably better, it floods your entire body with those feel good hormones you so desperately need. Even fake smiling at your annoying neighbors can trick your brain into producing dopamine and serotonin—reducing stress and boosting your mood simultaneously.

Dopamine, the body’s happiness hormone, elevates your mood, giving you the natural high needed to get over the hump you are stuck in. Increased serotonin levels equals reduced stress levels—so you better flaunt that beautiful smile.

The next time someone asks, “honey, why don’t you smile some more?” don’t scowl, get those fake smiles out.

Music for Your Soul

Instead of locking yourself indoor stewing in negative emotions, throw on your headphones, crank up the speakers and replace those negative emotions with good vibes. Uplifting, high-tempo music, especially those you can sing along to, have a weird way of making you forget about your troubles, even for just that moment.

While you’re rocking out to some Drake, Beyonce or Cardi B, your brain is also working those dopamine pumps, kicking your mood into high gear. Be the opening act, headliner, and star attraction of your own little concert.


When you decide to do a good deed, it is somewhat even taboo to think about obtaining some reward in return. However, despite the goodness of our hearts and altruistic values, helping those in need has a positive effect on our moods.

Multiple studies have shown that when we perform an act of kindness, as little as holding the door open for someone at the mall, the area of the brain that processes pleasure lights up like disco lights—basically winning a contest you never entered for.

Simple acts of kindness, even when you are not in the best mood will only help you climb out of that abyss.

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