“Delivery Bar” Lets Men Experience the Pain of Childbirth

I’ve often heard guys argue that labor pain can’t truly be that bad. They state (in an annoyingly matter-of-fact manner) that there’s no way it could compare to a man getting a swift kick to the cojones.

Well, it’s time to book these cocky fellas a ticket to China; not because we want to get rid of them, per se, but because they can finally make an informed comparison!

Apparently, there’s a kiosk in a shopping mall called “Delivery Bar” which allows curious or overly confident dudes to experience contractions similar to the ones felt during childbirth.

Twitter user Carl Zha stumbled upon the special service when he heard grown-ass men screaming from the other end of the thoroughfare. Surrounded by a giggling crowd, several guys were strapped in and squirming in beds with thick pads wrapped around their abdomens. While not exactly therapeutic in the traditional sense, it appeared to be a very enlightening experience… and a bit more painful than your standard crotch shot.

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