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    This Is Your October Tarot Reading According To Your Zodiac Sign

    October marks the first full month of fall, and there’s a lot of shifting energy in the air. Take a look at your sun signs and their corresponding tarotscopes. Much like horoscopes, tarotscopes are a way to predict upcoming energy and how it can affect you. Whereas with the former, we look at the position of […] More

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    This is What Tonights New Moon In Libra Means For Your Zodiac Sign

    Tonight, September 28th, the new moon in Libra will be somewhat peaceful—emphasis on somewhat. Libra is all about balance, peace, and harmony. So much so that Libra is willing to go to war to keep the peace. It’s extremely important for this sign to be surrounded by beauty, serenity, and peace. And yet, the Libra new […] More

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    How This Libra Season Will Affect You, According To Your Sign

    On September 23rd, the Sun entered the sign of Libra, following Mercury and Venus. This Libra season is going to be particularly serious—even more so than usual. But first, let’s talk about Libra season energy. Libra might be the sign of balance, but it lives for drama! We can’t have the light without the dark, […] More

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    These Are The 7 Most Toxic Zodiac Pairings

    When it comes to who we are interested in dating looking at their zodiac sign and ours can really allow you to see the future in a wide range of ways. Sure, not all relationships or people are spot on to their astrological signs but the insight you receive can allow you a more educated […] More

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    Men You Must Avoid According to The Zodiac

    Getting along with everyone is impossible. You probably have a couple of neighbors you wish moved to a different continent. Or there is that coworker who drains your energy big time. A self-centered friend you will avoid seeing that often.. At least you have a boyfriend who loves and understands you? Right? Well not everyone […] More

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    These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Be The Most Successful In April 2019

    Aries Your birthday is coming up (or has just passed) which is going to put you in a reflective mood. You are going to look back on what you accomplished this year and what you wish you would have done differently this year. Your introspection is going to empower you. You are going to feel […] More

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    Aries  Obsession: Competition There is nothing wrong with some healthy competition. Being driven to be the best is a good quality, but as soon as it turns out it’s a need, then it becomes a problem. You, Aries, are obsessed with always being number one.  You are used to being a leader and you’re pretty […] More

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    I left my boyfriend and it has to do with zodiac

    Any zodiac lovers here? My stomach was hurting out of frustration. My ears were buzzing but still he remained calm and composed. To him no problem is without a solution so why get stressed. Well I was stressed and he wasn’t helping. How difficult it is to hear me out after a day of work […] More

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    The Zodiac Signs In A Horror Movie

      Aries The first to die! Taurus The one who comes home at the end to find everyone dead. Gemini The one who figures out who/what the killer is. Cancer The one who says: “Hello? Who’s there?” As if the killer will answer. Leo The one who tries to fight back and ends up dead. […] More

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