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    8 Signs Your Partner Will Never Commit

    It hurts so bad to love someone who refuses to commit in the ways that we know they should. Being tied down might not be ideal for everyone but when you’re already going through the relationship motions, that label can mean the world to you. If you’ve ever loved someone who refused to really settle […] More

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    “Blonde” zebra photographed in Tanzania

    Italian photographer Sergio Pitamitz took a photo of a pale zebra. It had golden stripes and is probably affected by a partial albinism. A small number of pale zebras live in captivity. They confirmed that at least one “golden” zebra also lives in nature. In a quiet valley of Serengeti’s National Park in Tanzania, the […] More

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    Avicii’s Posthumous Single “SOS”

    The Swedish artist’s posthumous single ”SOS” is going to be released on April 10th. The complete album, finalized by his relatives, will debut on June 6. His family will devolve album’s profits to Tim Bergling Foundation for prevention of suicide and mental disorders. Avicii (Tim Bergling) was a fragile soul engulfed by the existential and […] More

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    The Secret to Making your Sneakers Look Amazing

    Who knew shoe lacing could be so much fun! Try it out and revolutionize your styling from the bottom up. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the innovation is in the mind of the visionary. Where some see shoe laces, others see creative potential! Kudos! More

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    How to Do a Lip Make-Up Like Meghan Markle

    Meghan Markle is an influencer in all respects. Not only did she revolutionize the British crown with her Californian style and habits. She is apparently also good with make-up, so good that she relies on her own hands more often than she does on professional make-up artists. As a matter of fact, she is wearing […] More

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    Woman Known As “The Beast” Dies After 5 Straight Hours Of Sex

    The 32-year-old, known as “The Beast”, told her partner that she felt dizzy before going into cardiac arrest at a hotel in southern Cali, Colombia, reported La Republica . Her partner called for emergency services but they reportedly took too long to arrive. He then wrapped the unconscious woman in a blanket and took a taxi to […] More

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