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    14 Things You’ll Hardly Ever See on a French Woman

    French women are associated with having perfect taste, great style, and extraordinary chicness inherent only to them. One of the main principles in their image is in the amount of everything they wear from their footwear to their makeup. And there’s a lot we can learn from them! 1. Stockings and tights of a nude color   There are many notes and advice from stylists that […] More

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    19 Photos That Prove a Short Haircut Can Transform You in a Jiffy

    If you want to change something, you don’t have to change your whole life. Sometimes you just need to modify your look. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to visit a hairdresser and get a new haircut. 19. “I chopped it all off.” 18. “Turned 30. Feels like a new era in my life, so I needed new hair! Asked my stylist to chop it all off. Still not used to seeing myself […] More

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    How Swimsuits Have Changed Throughout History (It’s Great That 2010 Is in the Past)

    Until the end of 18th century, people bathed either in their underwear or naked, and they had no idea that they even needed a specific item of clothing for it. But things changed a lot when people began to travel as tourists. Since the moment the first swimsuits appeared, they had to withstand the real test of time. In this article, you will see the process of emancipation of women […] More

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    Summer Trends

    Neon outfits have invaded the streets and Instagram feeds. Innovative color combinations are also big on fashion runways. The rest of the spring is just around the corner. According to fashion runways you should embrace color. What is in? Saturated color combos , bright and neon shades recalling nature and rainbow combinations. Bright colors will […] More

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    2019 Spring Nail Art Trends

    FOR THE CREATIVE: DÉGRADÉ There are two dégradé techniques. The first is shaded effect on each nail that you can get by spreading the lighter base, then three darker shades. Apply a polish with a sponge starting from the middle of the nail.The second dégradé is like a chromatic scale. You start applying a darkest […] More