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    How To Have a Healthy Argument With Your Partner

    Luckily, therapists believe it’s healthy to argue with your S.O. occasionally—but that doesn’t mean you should go off the rails when you do. There’s a healthy way to disagree. And all you have to do is learn from your attachment style. The Attachment Theory is a behavioral theory that focuses on the early relationships developed […] More

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    What It’s Like To Love Someone In A Second Language

    The fear of fatal misunderstandings remains a major downside for anyone experiencing love in another language. “So, do you speak to each other in English or Spanish?” is up there as one of the questions I’m most frequently asked about my bilingual relationship — typically by curious strangers, although sometimes by friends who clearly haven’t […] More

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    Relationship Red Flags You’re Ignoring, According To A Divorce Lawyer

    Nothing blows out without any indications of trouble. There will often be some subtle red flags that pop up before everything goes boom.  There is a common misconception that you can point to the same three issues to explain any divorce: infidelity, financial impropriety, or substance abuse. “That’s pretty much what any divorce lawyer is […] More

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    This Is How To End Your Friends With Benefits Relationship

    Since you’re not technically dating, it can be hard to know where to start the breakup. Sometimes it can be tempting to just ghost a f*ck buddy, especially if they’re not part of your inner social circle. But don’t do that. There are other ways to end your friends with benefits relationship that show you […] More

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