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    Not everything is what it seems like, and although there are no instructions how a person functions… it is better to pay attention to some of these signs: Lack of empathy: Does your boyfriend seem to have lack of emotions? There is a difference between being a serious and reserved person and not showing any […] More

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    5 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous of You

    Jealousy always finds its way into a relationship, no matter how close two people are. It tends to be more common in romantic relationships, but it also happens in friendships. The signs aren’t as obvious, which makes them easy to overlook, but they’re definitely there. 1. They Always Tear Down Your Accomplishments Do they make […] More

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    How to Know If a Coworker Has a Crush on You

    Step 1 Listen to office gossip. Word often travels fast if an employee has a crush on a colleague, and in some instances, you may be the target of someone’s fancy. This will allow you time to prepare in case the situation escalates beyond your comfort. Step 2 Make note of colleagues whom you catch […] More

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    Why are you still single?

    There was a period in my life where I was single for so long. And I really didn’t like that. I went through all the stages of a single girl: from the stage of lowering criteriums and moderate desperation, over not being interested for anything, and to harsch criteriums and excessive volatility. I remember i […] More

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    Thank You My Best Friend

    This is for one special person that gave me countless moments of happiness and memories I will cherish as long as I live.This is for you…my best friend. Thank you for all those ordinary days you made extraordinary. All those everyday moments that somehow trough your magic became unforgettable. Thank you for never failing to […] More