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    A Mom of 3 Boys Writes a Powerful Letter to Her Future Daughters-in-Law, and Women Can’t Hold Back Their Tears

    Life shows us that relationships between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law come in all shades, from love and friendship to rivalry and quarrels. When Rachael Boley, a mother of 3 little boys, posted a moving letter to her future daughters-in-law in her blog, she got a heartfelt response from many women. After reading the letter, some of them confessed they cried because they’ve always wished they had such a caring […] More

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    20 Sweet Photos That Will Keep You Smiling All Day

    There are days when we really just need sweetness and a nice smile to make the world feel like a better place. And there is nothing better than the unconditional love from our loved ones. 1. “My daughter’s reaction when holding her new baby sister” © vassili_zaitsev / reddit   2. 3 generations of pure love 3. “My grandma met her great-granddaughter for the first […] More

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    10+ Dangerous Tattoos Most People Don’t Know the Meaning Of

    Tattoos are much more than just pictures on the body. For some groups of people, tattoos have a special meaning that makes a certain impression of the owner. So, if someone has a tattoo that doesn’t correspond with their personality or social status, it may be taken as an offense. As it turns out, in some countries, you can go to prison for a tattoo or it could even cost you your life. Tear © […] More

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    Kayaker Vertically Plunges Down a 113 Foot Waterfall

    Champion kayaker Dane Jackson quite skillfully sent himself safely down the near vertical drop of the Toketee Falls in Douglas County, Oregon. Jackson was rightfully quite proud of this amazing accomplishment. Just as glorious as I’d hoped… This amazing waterfall is one of Oregon’s most famous and plunges down 113 feet (34 meters) in two […] More

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    8 Things All Narcissists Do

    Narcissists are some of the worst kinds of people to find yourself stuck with and yet all too often we allow them much closer than we should. Whether they’re family members, lovers, or something else they cannot always be entirely avoided. Being able to spot the things that narcissists do to wear us down is […] More

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    20 Best Engagement Photos Of 2019 From Around The World

    Nearly 5,000 images of couples around the world were submitted to the 2019 Best of the Best Engagement Photo Contest! With the help of guest judges AH | Ana Hinojosa, Wandering Woo Photography and Tinted Photography, the Junebug team painstakingly narrowed them down to this stellar set of 20. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the collection we curated […] More

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