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    Tori Spelling Goes to Jail

    You know how when you have everything going for you in life, you get so used to luxury and perks and never think it will come to an end? Well it has come to an end for Tori Spelling. The daughter of producer Aaron Spelling, who played Donna Martin, in the successful TV series Beverly […] More

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    Taylor Swift’s New Love Life

    Joe Alwyn twenty-eight year old actor from “La Favorita” has always defended his private life and this applies to his love story with Taylor. They have been together for two years, they keep their relationship out of the spotlight while focusing on their careers. The reason is simple: Joe Alwyn has not “landed” in Hollywood […] More

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    Woman Gives Birth to Twins with Different Fathers

    A woman in Xiamen City, China, has reportedly given birth to twins from separate fathers. The woman’s husband Xiaolong, noticed that one twin resembled him, and one not at all. The story became public when the couple went to register the birth of the twins at a local police station. To complete the registration, a […] More

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    Thank You My Best Friend

    This is for one special person that gave me countless moments of happiness and memories I will cherish as long as I live.This is for you…my best friend. Thank you for all those ordinary days you made extraordinary. All those everyday moments that somehow trough your magic became unforgettable. Thank you for never failing to […] More

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    12 Signs You’ve Found Your Best Friend For Life

    1. You’ll check their texts ASAP even though you have 11 unreads from other people. If those other people want a timely response, they should try being as funny and engaging as your BFF, just saying. 2. Your hangouts are somehow even better when you have no plans. You’ve taken some fun trips together, but some of your […] More

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    “Rage Yoga” Calms you Down by Swearing and Drinking Beer

    “Rage Yoga” Involves Swearing and Booze Breaks Yoga is supposed to be a relaxing, meditative exercise that gets you ready for the rest of the day. But now, you might be able to achieve the same result by doing the opposite. Rage Yoga aims to calm you down and get you fitter by swearing, shouting, […] More

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