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    Habits To Avoid If You Want To Get Promoted

    Everyday office habits like arriving early and staying late may increase your productivity, but hard work and long hours alone often aren’t enough to catch the attention of your boss. Too often though, employees hoping to advance in their careers focus solely on what to do, rather than what not to do. If getting promoted […] More

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    This Is Why Friend Breakups Are Way Worse Than Romantic Ones

    It is time to start working “friend break-up” into our lexicon. Because it happens. And it is painful as hell. When a friendship starts to fade, is there a responsibility for the less-interested party to address what is going on? Is a “slow fade” socially acceptable for a long-term friendship? A short-term one? What are […] More

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    How To Break Bad Habits

    No matter what destructive habits you are trying to change, it is important to be patient with yourself. As humans, we all have bad habits. Even though I’m a Medical Intuitive and Licensed Counselor who has been helping people break negative habits—even addictions—for a very long time, I’m not perfect. Despite the fact that I […] More

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    Here’s What Making Your Bed Says About You

    There are major differences between those who make their beds every morning and those who don’t. To make or not to make? That is the question—and the answer actually reveals a lot about your personality. A survey commissioned by the sleep site Sleepopolis surveyed 2,000 Americans about whether they made their bed in the morning, and we were a little surprised […] More

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    This Is How It Feels To Grieve A Family Member You Never Met

    “It’s difficult to piece together your identity when you feel like you don’t have the answers that would make you whole.” I quickly learned to hate filling out family trees in grade school. I distinctly remember being a kindergartner and wincing because I could fill out my mother’s side with ease—Grandma here, Aunt there—but when […] More

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    Here’s How To Tell If You’re Actually Tired Or Just Being Lazy

    Mental fatigue and physical fatigue are completely different. Start typing, “Why am I…” in Google, and the search engine will auto-fill with the most popular query: “Why am I… so tired?” Clearly, it’s a question many people are asking themselves every day. In fact, one study found that nearly 40 percent of Americans wake up most days of the […] More

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    Your Adulting Checklist To Finally Get Your Life Together

    Back-to-school season isn’t just the time for students to pencil exams into their planners—adults should, too. This fall, it’s time to hop back on the adulting train and schedule some long overdue tasks that you’ve been procrastinating all summer long. Breast exams, dentist appointments, planning a budget for the new year—no, these things aren’t exactly fun, but […] More

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    Here’s How Facebook Stalking Is Messing With Your Self Condifence

    Data showed that more time spent on Facebook led to more self-objectification.  While media consumption might contribute to negative body image, a new study from Psychology of Women Quarterly suggests that one of the biggest sources of self-objectification comes specifically from a social media site we all know well: Facebook. Young women spend time scrolling through feeds and comparing themselves to […] More

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