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    9 Unusual Things That Happen When You Have A Hormonal Imbalance

    Hormones affect our body a lot more than most of us realize, and when they are imbalanced, they can wreak havoc on our health in a number of ways. In fact, many people believe they are seriously ill, due to the signs of symptoms of a simple hormone imbalance. From bloating, to fatigue, when you […] More

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    Having a Younger Sister Increases Your Chances of Becoming Overweight, and Here’s Why

    For a girl, having a younger sister can be a lot of fun. You can talk about a lot of stuff together and share each other’s clothes. But what if we were to tell you that you risk becoming overweight just because you were born before your sister? There was a study done on 13,406 pairs of Swedish sisters born between 1991 and 2009 that concluded first-borns have a greater […] More

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    8 Reasons To Drink Water First Thing In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

    Asian beauty secrets have astounded the world for years. And while genetics almost certainly play a huge role in their beauty, they abide by one simple habit that not only helps them to stay healthier, but also helps them maintain their beauty. A major ritual for the people of Japan, drinking water first thing in […] More

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    10 Strange Food Cravings And What They Actually Mean

    It is common for people enduring various emotional states to experience strange, and seemingly random food cravings. However, while we are indeed drowning our emotions with food, the cravings we experience may not be as random as we think. In fact, the foods we crave when we are handling intense states of emotion are telling […] More

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    8 Bad Reasons For Staying Friends With Your Ex

    Some people are able to stay friends with their exes without any issues. But there are right reasons to stay friends with your ex as well as wrong reasons. If you’ve left a relationship but want to maintain the relationship, make sure you’re not doing it for any of these reasons. If you find yourself staying […] More

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    Science Explains 7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

    Statistics shows that over 20% of all Americans eat more than 700 calories of sugar per day. Sugar has a detrimental effect on overall health, and it’s contained in almost every food you eat. There’s sugar in yogurt, granola bars and pasta sauces. It’s called “hidden sugar,” as explained by Elyse Powell, a doctoral researcher […] More

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    Scientists Urge Women To Stop Wearing Bras, Here’s Why

    Bra’s are a staple in the closets of women all over the world. Why? Because we have all been programmed to wear them, as a necessity. But what you don’t know is that scientists are actually urging women to STOP wearing them. Breast Cancer Bra Link New findings have shown that excessive bra wear may […] More

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    7 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Another M&M Candy Again

    Candy is irresistible for some of us, and while we love treating ourselves to our favorite type, you may want to reconsider yours if it is M&M’s. Yes, they taste delicious, but if you know anything about them, you would be sure to steer clear of them entirely. Not only are they ‘not good for […] More

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    This is Why You Can’t Seem to Lose any Weight

    To lose weight, yes you should exercise, but also be extra careful of what you’re putting on your plate. Opting for meals rich in fiber and with right amounts of protein can do miracles.Here are 15 foods, recommended by experts, to prefer while trying to lose weight. CucumbersLow in calories (about 16 per piece!) And […] More

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