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    Meghan Markle’s Second Most Important Man

    They’ve known each other since 2001. Together they made their way trough Toronto’s finest areas. When she met the prince, he became her “consultant” and “confidant”. The “second most important man” in the life of the duchess is Markus Anderson 41-year-old, director of the Canadian Soho House. He was born in Canada and his career […] More

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    Beyoncé The Queen of Sneakers

    Adidas lovers and Beyoncé fans, this is your lucky day. The brand you adore and the singer that never stops surprising are now collaborating. Unstoppable, versatile and never annoying. Beyoncé announced a super collaboration with Adidas a couple of hours ago. The American super star will creatively support the German brand. After Selena Gomez and […] More

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    Taylor Swift’s New Love Life

    Joe Alwyn twenty-eight year old actor from “La Favorita” has always defended his private life and this applies to his love story with Taylor. They have been together for two years, they keep their relationship out of the spotlight while focusing on their careers. The reason is simple: Joe Alwyn has not “landed” in Hollywood […] More

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    David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test

    Dobrik’s interview spanned topics including the his successful career as a YouTuber, personal life, his small weed smoking habit, and his opinions on content creators. In his interview, Dobrik was asked if he believed there were any YouTubers in the scene who were sellouts, to which Dobrik confidently replied with a “yes.” He was then asked to […] More

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    2 Chainz Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection

    Atlanta rapper 2Chainz(Tauheed Epps) formerly known as Tity Boi showed his impressive jewelry collection in the latest interview with GQ magazine. Rapper starts off the episode by disclosing that his first piece of jewelry helped him lose his virginity in the seventh grade. From there, he recounts how he got his name and reveals that […] More

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    12 Tasty Memes That’ll Make You Feel Full Of Delight

    1. I hate when that happens. 2. So THAT’S how it happened! 3. Yeah I mean, can’t be too mad here. 4. The Gamecube came with a handle for god’s sake. 5. That frappucino is adorable, tho. 6. That’s headphones best feature. 7. Too true. 8. Nothing is worse than relatives small talk. 9. Damnit […] More

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