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    Crazy girlfriend stories told by the crazy girlfriend

    The “crazy girlfriend” cliche is occasionally a very real thing (if it’s a constant in your life, you might want to take a step back, just throwing that out there). We’ve all had one, had a friend who had one, but it’s rare to really hear from the crazy girlfriend directly about their craziness. Of […] More

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    Woman Holds ‘Funeral For Her Youth’ On 30th Birthday

    What better way to celebrate entering your 30s than to hold a ‘funeral for your youth’? Everyone can relate to Mila Blatova, who is pictured in all black, surrounded by black balloons, ominous three-zero inflatables, complete will black lipstick and a solemn stare. A 30th birthday is a scary time for many, it marks the […] More

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    20 Notes From Kids That Are Better Than Any Hollywood Screenplay

    Leaving notes is the cutest thing, but with kids’ lack of experience in writing and spelling they have an extraordinary charm. You never know what’s in a kid’s head and what they will write to you next, but what is for sure, is that when they get a pencil and a piece of paper it will turn out to be a masterpiece. 1. Ava Furious, mother of shaved cats © yichen_bman / […] More

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    Women: expectation vs. reality

    Women are beautiful, sophisticated, and mysterious creatures. They know how to astonish, surprise, and inspire, but is it easy to be a woman in today’s world? Look at these hilarious ’’expectation vs. reality’’ pictures and you’ll find the answer. Getting a short hairstyle © Stephen Lovekin / Gettyimages   © Chris from Paris / Shutterstock   The way I sleep © Grekov’s / Shutterstock   © Universal Television / Gettyimages   […] More

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    Ant Attempts to Steal a Loose Diamond From Wholesaler’s Desk

    While a diamond wholesaler was doing a bit of work at their desk, a rather refined ant with expensive taste came over and casually grabbed a loose gem to steal. The refined insect masterfully rolled the diamond away, but every so often, would check behind to make sure that no one was watching.     […] More

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    A Five Minute Tirade of Profane Insults Uttered by The Hound During All Eight Seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’

    In memory of the recently concluded series Game of Thrones, Supercuts Delight (previously) has edited together five wonderfully profane minutes of the late, ultimately great Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (Rory McCann) insulting all those around him through all eight seasons of the long-running series. Clegane could also have a heart of gold, a personal feature that he only revealed under […] More

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    Watch As People Unknowingly Root For The Extinction Of Homo Sapiens

    Just in case you thought humanity couldn’t get any more cringe-worthy, we have this. Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask strangers if they care about the extinction of homo sapiens or humans, in plain English. Like most of these segments that were made specifically to show how clueless society is, most of the […] More

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    A Frustrated Scottish Woman Argues With an Amazon Alexa That Can’t Understand Her Accent

    A woman with a beautiful Scottish accent became very frustrated with her Amazon Echo when she requested to hear the 1979 song “Something’s Cooking in the Kitchen” by Irish singer Dana and Alexa replied “I can’t find ‘Something’s Cooking in the Kitchen’ with Donna on Spotify”. After several tries and some colorful names for the device, the woman decided to ask […] More