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    17 Dogs Who Are So Hecking Cute That I Want To Die

    1. Look at this sweet face! 2. And this one too! 3. This face could make me do whatever it wanted. 4. Here’s another happy face for you. 5. So happy to be going to the dog park! 6. Oh, what an adorable attack dog. 7. And this sweet angel!! 8. Here’s a perfect dog, no question. 9. This little sweet face is getting […] More

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    The girl who gets gifts from birds

    Lots of people love the birds in their garden, but it’s rare for that affection to be reciprocated. One young girl in Seattle is luckier than most. She feeds the crows in her garden – and they bring her gifts in return. Eight-year-old Gabi Mann sets a bead storage container on the dining room table, […] More

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    Watch A Rescue Dog In Action From The Trapped Victim Perspective

    “Ever wondered what it would be like to be buried in snow and found by one of our happy search and rescue dogs?” Recently, Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England posted a video on Twitter showing what it’s like to be rescued by a pup when you’re trapped in snow due to avalanches or other mountain-related accidents. […] More