Baby names 2019: Parents go wild for these nature-inspired monikers

A BABY names consultant revealed ‘nature inspired’ monikers are the most popular with mums and dads. Fox and River are among the options on her list.

Nature-themed baby names are very trendy in 2019.

While some parents are inspired by flowers and plants, others opt for choices inspired by animals.

So which monikers are the most popular this year?

Consultant Sherri Suzanne is paid “several hundred dollars” to help mums and dads name their children.

Every year, she connects with dozens of parents on her My Name for Life website.

This experience has allowed the consultant to gage which monikers are trending.

And this year, parents are loving names inspired by flora and fauna.

While monikers such as Rose, Poppy and Lily have become the norm in recent years, mums and dads are now pushing the boundaries further.

Quirkier choices, including Fox and Winter, are now on the rise.

Sherri told Daily Star Online: “Botanical and ‘nature’ names are well beyond Rose and Forrest now.

“They include Ivy for girls, Fox for boys, and River for both.

“I worked with parents recently to create beautiful pairs with Winter and Wynter in the middle position.”

Want to read more about 2019 baby trends?

These are the unisex monikers that have seen a surge in popularity.

“Anti-trend” and “influencer” names are other options that have been a hit with parents.


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