Are you living your dream?

Are you living your dream? You might have forgotten that you have your dreams surviving
from day to day. Maybe for some reason you are doing what others tell you and in that way you ignore what you really want. Unfortunately, for many of us this is the case.

I think that every human being has some purpose on this Planet, and this purpose is certainly not to close our eyes to the things that fulfill us and who we are dreaming about. How nice it would be for each person to look inside himself/herself and take the first step towards his/her dream. What is stopping you? Basically nothing … but … but we should start.

How many of us do live in the comfort zone imagining about their dreams? How many of us don’t have enough confidence and a firm decision to start? How many of us care about what others think about our dreams? Maybe you postpone your dreams for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… Thousand of questions, but the dream is still in you.

Don’t delay your dreams. Start now. Do you know how much you can achieve if you decide to
climb one step that leads to your dream? You have this day so take, seize it. Start living your dream.

“At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable.” Christopher

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