Are you looking to promote a product that you sell or have manufactured? Well Thinking of Something is a great place to do that!

We have an audience of over 500,000 English speaking people across the western world, mainly in the US and UK.

Our fans respond best to interesting content and we know how to tailor it to get in front of as many of them as possible while achieving further reach through sharing with friends.

Why Advertise On ThinkingOfSomething?

We specialise in viral marketing and use our huge existing audience base as a launching pad. Every viral marketing campaign needs the best start possible when kicking off and we have the experience and resources to make it happen.

Where Our Audience Are Based

Most of our audience (around 80%) are based in the US and UK with other major English speaking economies making up the rest.

Age & Gender of Our Audience

As you can see from the image above, most of our audience are female and almost all are aged between 18 and 34. This age group are the greatest adopters of new technology and spend a lot of time online.

What Opportunities Are Available?

We can offer a custom made plan to suit your requirements. Our aim is always to ensure that your product/service reaches the largest relevant audience.

We handle all aspects of the campaign ourselves in-house but check in with you as an advertiser before running anything. The common flow that we find works best for our campaigns consist of:

  1. We create a viral marketing video of your product/service made up of video footage and images. This video is designed to be short and sweet with interesting information presented in an entertaining way.
  2. We create an explainer page here on with more info about what it is that is being promoted. This page can then link on to your website, a KickStarter campaign or social media channel for the visitor to find even more info.
  3. We then leverage the power of our huge social media following to get the viral marketing video in front of as many relevant viewers as possible.

Although we feel this works best, we can handle almost anything you throw at us and help in more ways when trying to promote a product/service online.


For the awesome Sushiquik sushi making kit we created a page here on Thinking of Something and then put together a video (see below) showing off how easy it is to use. We then posted this to Facebook and watched the shares, likes and comments grow!

This Sounds Great! How Do We Get Started?

If you would like to discuss opportunities please get in touch using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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