A few signs that will reveal whether you are afraid of getting into a relationship

Fear of being tied up is classified as one of the biggest and most common reasons for the breakdown of many relationships, so it’s important that you determine whether you are really ready to contact someone in order to avoid hurting someone who is eating in time, according to Men’s Health.

If your relationship frightens and you feel that you no longer have a life, if you often think about what will happen if your relationship is fully occupied, then it is very likely that you have problems with bonding.

“You can feel like a relationship is completely overwhelmed and occupied. This is often the case in relationships, and it’s mostly the woman who wants more connections, while the man demands more freedom,” says Geoff Lamb, counselor for couples.

You do not want to lose your freedom, which is very similar to the first sign that you are not ready.

“People often think that connecting with another person is the signing of a contract in which you commit to giving your partner a soul. This is a big problem for many, especially for men, they often think that by getting in touch someone gives full control over themselves, says Lamb.

You think your partner is too demanding and your partner is asking too much of you. However, it is very possible that the problem is not in the connection of your partner with you, but in something that has a much deeper root.

You still do not know who you are, you have not fully met yourself, and you think you need more time to understand yourself. And if you’re still spending a lot of time on what you really need, then you can not get in touch and function normally because you spend too much energy on getting to know yourself.

“If we do not know who we are, then we do not have a good base on which to build a quality and long-term relationship,” says Lamb.

The grass is always greener somewhere else, which is not quite a mature thought for the connection. If you are constantly thinking about random passers-by, acquaintances and other people, and you think you’d be better off with them than with your partner, then you are not ready for a relationship.

People who have trouble binding often seek a long and secure relationship, while some do not even try to tie it. If you have problems and concerns that you are having difficulty handling, talk to a professional and look for advice to help you overcome your fears.

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