9 Tips for the Effective Tinder Profile

Tips and secrets for presenting yourself at top on the most popular dating app in the world.

Mysterious, seductive and original. This is the impression we want to make on Tinder. Presenting ourselves without revealing too much.

Although it may seem simple, it is not that easy. Here is a mini guide to help you impress everyone.

The profile photo

The secret of capturing attention is looking strait into people’s eyes. This is true even on photos. So find a photo where you look at the camera. No sunglasses. Perhaps a smile. This will tickle imaginations.

Other photos

On Tinder it is advisable to present yourself with a group of 4 images. Those who look at them do so in order to have a clearer idea about us and will not appreciate disorientation caused by photos in which look completely different. So choose your recent photos and make sure your appearance is consistent.

Personal information

If being synthetic is not your forte or you have no idea what to write about yourself, declare your interests with sympathy and simplicity. Yes to TV series, music groups and sports, but also to your favorite books and authors. The more a description resembles you, the greater chances of meeting someone you really interest.

Go easy on the selfies

Men usually make fun of girls who spend time posting pictures so retouched they are unrecognizable in reality.

No to a décolleté close-up

The 10x zoom on a décolleté will make you look cheap. Men may think there is no substance behind your looks.

Go easy on the first date

Ideally you shouldn’t accept dinner invitations on a first date. Rather something more casual like coffee. It is much easier to leave the date if you happen not to like the guy.

Limit group selfies

If your first photo is in a group it is definitely not the best choice. When he is unsure of which one on the photo is you he will just swipe left.

Don’t reveal too much, right away

Leave some mystery and don’t discover all your cards to keep the interest alive.

Never message first

If interested he will write you first. You don’t want to look desperate.

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