5 Tips to Make Your Movie Nights with Your Girlfriends Even Better

Step Up Your Movie Night Game

Movie nights with the girls are fun, emotional and wild and if you are looking for ways to make them even better, we have the perfect tips. Let’s start with the easiest one first.

Always End up in Pajamas

PJ are cool, warm, cozy and comfortable to call it a night. What else do you need?

Choose Wine Over Anything Else

If you are allowed to consume alcohol, go for the wine. There is nothing else sexier, tastier and classier than holding a glass of wine and having a high class conversation with your best friends.

Limit the Menu to a Few Things

Overdoing the menu just means that you are going to eat more than you should. That is no fun.

Select the Movies That Make You Cry

Let those tears and emotions flow because the world is full of crap.

Do Stupid Stuff Together

Call your ex, flirt with your girlfriend’s boyfriend or dirty talk with your gay best friend’s cousin. Do whatever the hell you want. Forget about it the next day.

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