5 Times Angelina Joley Has Proved That She Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

More Than Just The Actress Behind Lara Croft

2001. Angelina Jolie was made the goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. She visited refugees in more than 20 countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Haiti and Bosnia.

2007. Jolie visited the refugee camps of Chad for the second time to bring the attention of the media and the world towards the killings in Darfur.

2008. Angelia pleas for assistance to various countries of the world to help the displaced Afghan people in Pakistan trying to go back to their country after Taliban was defeated.

The first pictures of pregnant Jolie with her then husband were sold to a magazine for 500 thousand USD, all of which was donated to Yele.

Jolie is one important personality in the establishment of the Educational Partnership for Children in Conflict which aims at providing the necessary education and schooling to children running away from the war.

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