5 Things That You Probably Never Knew About Melania Trump

Facts About The Presidents Wife

Melania Trump is not just the first lady. She is a lot more than that. Sadly, not everyone knows about the things she has achieved and done. Here are 5 things about the beautiful lady you probably never knew.

Melania Trump is a former fashion model. She has worked with various agencies in Paris and Milan.

Melania attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana. Later, she studied art and design at the University of Ljubljana for a year before dropping out.

Melania started her modelling career at the age of 5. Her first professional assignment was with a Slovenian photographer Stane Jerko.

President Donald Trump made the first move when he saw Melania and asked for her phone number. In response, Melania took his number and the story started.

Melania is a part of several charities: Martha Graham Dance Company, the Boys Club of New York, the American Red Cross, Make A Wish Foundation and the Police Athletic League to name a few.

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