5 Things About Starbucks That Will Stop You From Going There

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First, this article is not aimed at defaming a brand. Rather, this article is aimed at telling the hidden truth behind the curtain and helping people take a better and an informed decision about their health.

Starbucks is a worldwide famous coffee brand that attracts thousands of visitors in every single store it operates around the world. People love their coffee and little things they do to personalize the whole experience. However, they are hiding (or not being clear with) a few things and we believe you should know them.

  1. A Starbucks Grande has more caffeine than 4 cans of red bulls combined. A single glass feeds you 330 milligrams of coffee which is enough to induce insomnia, anxiety and restlessness.
  2. Starbucks original ‘largest’ size of serving was 12-ounce ‘tall’. However, the largest size now is the 31-ounce ‘trenta’ which is larger than the normal human stomach. Now, can you guess why do we report high rate of obesity in recent times?
  3. Starbucks has mastered the art of being Starbucks and never letting people know that they are in a Starbucks. This started way back when Starbucks realized that not everyone is liking the corporate culture they are adding to the coffee and that many people prefer local, neighborhood brands. As a result, Starbucks started disguising itself as a ‘Local’ shop/café and went for names like 15th Ave Coffee and Tea to earn money from people who do not like Starbucks.
  4. There have been several cases of racial discrimination and abuse by the staff of Starbucks. While Starbucks tries to solve such cases on priority, the real question is why isn’t the staff trained for cultural and racial sensitivity?
  5. Many of us connect dark roast to better quality. The truth is that when it comes to dark roast, the quality of the beans rarely matters. Why? Dark roast is when coffee beans are burnt. Think of it as a meat. A burnt meat of low quality tastes just as delicious as the burnt meat of a high quality. Burnt meat is burnt meat and nothing else. Now, for a corporate coffee house to buy high quality beans and then burn them to make them taste just like the low quality beans might not sound like a good idea. Enough said.

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