5 Signs That You Do Not Love Him Anymore

Seem familiar?

I totally understand this feeling that was there but it does not exist anymore. Was it love or just lust? Who cares! Here are 5 signs that you are done with this guy and need to move on.

Meeting him sounds like a task

It used to be exciting but now you have more important things to do like laundry or a headache.

No more poochi-poochi all the time

You were into him and he was mad for you. He might still be touching you but you don’t appreciate that. If reading this article is more important than replying to his text, take the clue.

No more bed sharing

There was a burning desire to feel them in the bed but now you want them out of your bed and your dreams.

You feel tensed

You are pushing yourself into a relationship that does not bring you happiness. Hence, the mind is always full and tensed.

The body language is not your strongest area any more

There was a time when you stood and sat with a straight back because that is what enhanced your figure but he does not need to see that now.

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