5 People Share Their Weirdest Airbnb Experiences and We Are Shocked

Airbnb is a concept that we all love. It gives you an experience that is comfortable and still not particularly very hotel-y. This is why Airbnb is used by thousands of people around the world every single day. But what if your host or your guest is a weirdo or straight-up crazy? Here are 5 stories from travellers and hosts around the world and how they dealt with it.

Do you have a hidden purpose?

This dad of 2 young girls was going on a weekend getaway with his family to a country home which promised great experience. However, the owner of the property demanded an extra $50 (against the Airbnb rules). After the dad and the property owner finally agreed on a price, the dad took some time to watch a game of baseball and run some errands. Meanwhile, the property owner got frustrated with the delay and ended up threatening the guest that he suspected something fishy since the guest’s profile is hidden (which is not even a thing) and went on to report his profile to the police. The dad finally booked a hotel.

My elderly host was not so warm

A young man decided to take a break from work and went to an Airbnb is a small town away from the hustle of the city. He was trying to find peace but he found a reason to never rent out an Airbnb ever again. His landlady, who was a patient of depression and anxiety started visiting him every day and would talk about all her illness, her dead family and how she things her sister is suicidal. The young man enquired a little from the neighbours and found out that this lady had been under the supervision of a psychiatrist. Long story short, he left a couple days early and never cared about a refund.

An orgy and you end up on a blacklist

A man from New York rented out his apartment to a group of people who looked normal at first. However, as soon as the group got comfortable inside the house, the real colors started flying. They ended up celebrating a king size orgy fest in the apartment and as a result, the property owner ended up being on the blacklist. Now, he does not own a place and no broker or building owner would take him in after finding his name on the blacklist.

A pitbull bit off his harm

A couple rented out a romantic place which was mentioned as ‘entire house’ on the Airbnb website. When they reached the place, they found 2 pitbulls right in front of the main entrance. A lady would come and feed them in the morning and then leave for the rest of the day. On a Saturday morning, this lady let lose one of the pitbulls who ran towards a neighbour, bit his arm and took off towards the town. The police cars arrived at the property and the couple’s romantic holiday was converted to a nightmare of trying to contact the owners and explaining their situation.

They should have burnt down the house

A retired army officer and his wife rented out their timeshare on Airbnb to a group of teenagers who seemed decent and well-behaved over the emails. However, once their guests left and the property owners reached the place, they found that these kids had urinated all over the place, broken the glassware, sprinkled alcohol on every damn thing and even clogged toilets with used condoms. “It would have been better if they would have burnt down the house” said the wife of the young officer.

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