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  • How to Take Insta-Worthy Selfies?

    All of us love Instagram and therefore, here we are, sharing 5 most important things that you should know to improve your selfie-game. Light is all you need Get as much natural light as possible. Artificial light is fine but nothing beats the glory of the sun. Plus, natural light makes the dark circles and […] More

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    5 Things That You Probably Never Knew About Melania Trump

    Melania Trump is not just the first lady. She is a lot more than that. Sadly, not everyone knows about the things she has achieved and done. Here are 5 things about the beautiful lady you probably never knew. Melania Trump is a former fashion model. She has worked with various agencies in Paris and […] More

  • 5 Times Angelina Joley Has Proved That She Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

    2001. Angelina Jolie was made the goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. She visited refugees in more than 20 countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Haiti and Bosnia. 2007. Jolie visited the refugee camps of Chad for the second time to bring the attention of the media and the world towards the killings […] More

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    The Boot Season is Here and We Have Selected Our Picks for 2018

    The best part about winters, after a hot cup of latte of course, is a sexy pair of boots. These beauties (or rather, booties) come in various shapes and colors and all of them are beautiful. Here are our picks for the winters of 2018. Chunky Heel Zip Front Boots These black, fashionable boots […] More

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    5 Things About Starbucks That Will Stop You From Going There

    First, this article is not aimed at defaming a brand. Rather, this article is aimed at telling the hidden truth behind the curtain and helping people take a better and an informed decision about their health. Starbucks is a worldwide famous coffee brand that attracts thousands of visitors in every single store it operates around […] More

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    5 Signs He Is Going to Cheat On You

    Love is a relationship based on trust and respect. No matter what happens in life, you and your partner expect absolute solidarity and faith from each other. Many couples do it on a regular basis and enjoy a healthy relationship throughout their life but what about those who don’t? There are cases where your partner […] More

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    Feeling A Little Depressed or Moody? 3 Ways To Trick Your Brain & Feel Better

    We all have those moments where everything, and absolutely everything, seems to go wrong. The neighbor’s dog barking too loud, or worse, at an annoying pitch; Your significant other deciding to chew their meals like a kindergartener, little pieces flying around the sofa. Something completely random… Getting over the blues often seems like a long, […] More

  • 3 Things You Absolutely Need Before Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

    So you have been looking to get your ideas up and running; turn those brilliant seeds into a money-yielding tree every kid dreams of. In an economy that constantly swings back and forth, up and down, how can you ensure your enterprise hits the ground running? Tick every item on this checklist, and you will […] More

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    5 Signs That You Do Not Love Him Anymore

    I totally understand this feeling that was there but it does not exist anymore. Was it love or just lust? Who cares! Here are 5 signs that you are done with this guy and need to move on. Meeting him sounds like a task It used to be exciting but now you have more important […] More

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